Message from the CEO

“Thank you for choosing United Colleges of Australia as the college that will assist you in obtaining that qualification for the benefit of your future. We welcome you to our Sydney campus filled with friendly staff ready to help and ensure that you remain focused and encouraged right through to the end of your course and the beginning of your career.

Together with our wonderful team of experienced industry professionals, we are committed to delivering practical activities and the latest in work practices and industry developments, through face to face learning. It is the best way to learn as you will interact and become involved in activities with fellow classmates.

Our main goal at United Colleges, is to foster within its students better ways to communicate, team building/management skills, and industry readiness. Enrol with us to get the qualification you need to kick-start your chosen career path!

Always remember that here at United Colleges, you will have a strong support system that will guide you and assist you with essential academic and personal support throughout your studies to achieve your goals.

United Colleges Vision and Mission

It is our mission to improve the quality of life through quality care and reach the highest benchmarks set by the health services industry.

To provide well trained and professional staff to care for the most vulnerable people in our society; including the disabled and aged.

By including innovation and creativity, we have set very high goals for ourselves and our students to champion training in the health care industry.

Our Student Services

United Colleges offers a range of student support services to improve your academic and social experience while studying. There will always be helpful tips and tricks of how to study and write academically, available on the student portal. Our trainers and staff will also provide you with useful ways to manage your time, make sense of assignment questions and importantly teach you how to reference. If you are having difficulties with handling your studies, you can always talk to your trainer or one of our ready staff members for assistance.

Our premise is located near the State Library and other amenities that you may need while on campus.

Our Campus