Important update for international students (returning to face-to-face learning)

During COVID-19 restrictions, international students studying in Australia on a student visa were allowed to study online in response to COVID-19 restrictions whilst ensuring they were able to achieve competency as per course requirements. This flexibility, however, ended on 30th June 2023 as per the government’s advice.

What does it mean for you as an international student?

As of 1st July 2023, you must return to face-to-face on campus as per your visa conditions and requirements. United Colleges of Australia has proactively launched an initiative to transition all our international students back to campus from January 2023. This transition will certainly enrich your learning experience and allow you to build more meaningful connections with your peers and teaching staff. Please be assured that we have our safety measures in place to protect the safety of everyone whilst on campus.

We genuinely value the sense of community and multicultural exchange that our international students bring to our campus. Your presence enriches the learning experience for everyone, and we are excited to see you back on campus, engaging in face-to-face interactions and forgoing lasting connections. Please see this attachment about the benefits of face to face classes.

Welcome to United Colleges of Australia

Thank you for choosing United Colleges of Australia as the college that will assist you in obtaining that qualification for the benefit of your future. We welcome you to our Sydney campus filled with friendly staff ready to help and ensure that you remain focused and encouraged right through to the end of your course and the beginning of your career.

Together with our wonderful team of experienced industry professionals, we are committed to delivering practical activities and the latest in work practices and industry developments, through face to face learning. It is the best way to learn as you will interact and become involved in activities with fellow classmates.

Our main goal at United Colleges, is to foster within its students better ways to communicate, team building/management skills, and industry readiness. Enrol with us to get the qualification you need to kick-start your career!

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