United Colleges of Australia works closely with service providers and other associations in the Community Sector to ensure we always deliver training in alignment with the most up-to-date industry standards and practices. A key component of all our courses is work placement, where students will be given the opportunity to implement their newly acquired theoretical knowledge whilst developing new skills and understandings in a real work place. Please note that you are responsible to source your own work placement as part of the requirement for your course. Facility check will be undertaken to ensure the host organisation is appropriate for you prior to signing a work placement agreement. If you are unable to source one, please contact UCA team to assist you with sourcing the appropriate work placement.

The work placement is conducted at the end of your course, generally 20 hours per week across 6 weeks. Considering various factors such as facility operational requirements, needs, facilities and the availability of human resources, UCA also supports the flexibility with work placement arrangements, providing that the minimum hours are achieved as part of the course. This may impact your completion date, hence adjustment to confirmation of enrolment will be made accordingly and you will be informed of this. According to overseas students' visa conditions, student visa holders are not allowed to work more than 48 hours in every 14 days period. Domestic students, however, may be granted for doing the placement for more than 20 hours each week when needed.