United Colleges of Australia

The United Colleges of Australia are offering you an opportunity to get qualified for a career that will assist you in achieving your career goals. We provide Aged Care and Community Service courses that will enable you to find work in the health services industry, post-graduation. Together with a team of experienced trainers in the field, you will receive hands on guidance and advice, as well as necessary support throughout the entirety of your course. With innovative methods of delivery and the creativity of our trainers, United Colleges endeavours to develop an enthusiastic and exciting learning environment for all students to enjoy. Upon completion of your lessons, United Colleges will provide opportunities to put in place your learning into practice. Through work placement with leading health care providers you will learn skills, gain contacts and put your new theoretical knowledge into practise. We can assist you to organise a placement if you are not able to secure a work placement.

We pride ourselves in creating a friendly and vibrant community within our Sydney campus, with staff always ready to be of assistance. We also have counselling services on site that you as a student will be able to access, as well as other student amenities. The State Library is conveniently located within walking distance from the College, where you will be able to do your research for the assessment components or for additional reading. Regular updates will be made available to you email, where you will be kept in the loop as to what is happening at the UCA’s campus.

United Colleges cares about its students, their welfare and most importantly, their future.